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The Decipherment


Web Archive: Rosetta Rosetta by Tom Hare, Stanford University. Detailed explanation of the decipherment, from "On Reading Egyptian.". This is great stuff, harmed only slightly by a certain academic/political attitude I find distracting. de gustibus...

Amazon. The Keys of Egypt by Lesley Adkins, Roy Adkins.

Anthony Sattin, "The writing is on the walls" for the Sunday Times, UK. Review of The Keys of Egypt and Edward William Lane's Description of Egypt.

Brief historical discussion of the Egyptian language and its decipherment by Mari Smith for "Writing Systems of the World," part of the Explore! Linguistics project at the University of Oregon. Geared to high school students and hobbyist.

The Story of the Rosetta Stone, "Finding a Lost Language" by Richard A. Strachan and Kathleen A. Roetzel, from the online book Ancient Peoples: A Hypertext View. The historical portion is riddled with errors.

The Rosetta Stone

"The Finding of the Rosetta Stone" Information on Champollion and the decipherment of hieroglyphs from the Cleveland Museum of Art, Pharaohs Exhibition.

English translation of the Rosetta stone entered by David Dull, evidently from the British Museum.

PDF: Another translation, this time exclusively of the Greek text, from Carol Andrews' The Rosetta Stone. File provided by Rosetta, Inc.

Amazon. The Rosetta Stone by E. A. Wallis Budge.

The Rosetta Stone by Andrew Oakley. Images and text. Parts broken (he's looking for a new host).

Web Archive: The Stone of Rosette (Germanism) from the Institut fur Planetenerkundung . Factual errors sugared by a large (2.8 meg.) image.


Giants of Egyptology: Jean Francois Champollion from KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt, Winter 1995-96.

Champollion, Grammaire Egyptienne. Electronic text of his 1836 grammar. Now a monument in intellectual history rather than a useful resource.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Champollion by R. Butin (1908). Good summary of his life and work.

Web Archive: Jean-Francois Champollion. Brief French biography, with a subpage on the pierre de Rosette(stone, not Peter..)

Leon Cogniet's painting of Champollion (1831), at the Louvre.

Napoleon's troops parading at Rosetta ("Vue de Rosette") engraving. Courtesy Rosetta, Inc.

"Je tiens l'affaire" : Champollion und die Entzifferung der Hieroglyphen. Long, detailed German text.


Web Archive: Cracking the Hieroglyphic Code by David Rohl for The Express, August 1999. Rosetta bicentennial article advances the case for Young's priority in making the crucial steps.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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