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Egyptology Links

Ask an Egyptologist

Ask Marie! Knowledgeable "Egyptophile" Marie Carter anwers questions, frequently-asked and not. I just ignore emails like "How would I translate the phrases 'dude' and 'sweet' in heiroglyphics?" She answers 'em!

Royal Ontario Museum's "Ask an Egyptologist" page.


Multnomah County Library Egypt links. Their Homework Center is one of the more extensive ones on the web.

Jim Loy's Egyptology page. Fonts, brief items of historical and grammatical interest, a working dictionary and more.

Egyptology Resources ("The first Egyptology site on the web "). Large and often-visited collection by Nigel Strudwick.

Excellent French-language gateway -- Langue et Textes Egyptiens sur Internet from the Annuaire sur la langue egyptienne

Egyptology for Gamers, a great gateway to Egyptology and hieroglyphics sites.

Web Archive: Web Topics: Egyptian Archaeology. A good collection of ancient Egyptian resources, geared to the hobbyist, by Jan K. France. Nicely described.

Web Archive: The Ultimate Ancient Egypt Link Library by Marnix Hendriks.



Papyri Pages. Comprehensive directory to Papyri in Egyptian, Greek, Arabic, etc.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

If you enjoy this site you may also like these other sites by me:

Cleopatra on the Web. Comprehensive website on Cleopatra VII of Egypt. Includes 168 images.

Alexander the Great on the Web. Links to over 1000 images and 200 images of Alexander.

Ancient Astrology and Divination on the Web. Reliable (non-kooky) information on ancient (primarily Greco-Roman) astrology and divination.

The Complete Petra. Web directory and guide to the ancient city of Petra in southern Jordan.

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