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Fonts and Software

Glyph Basic, Glyph Basic, MacTrans. Three Macintosh fonts, courtesy Yamada Language Center (University of Oregon).

GlyphBasic, a Windows font, together with image downloads, etc.

Jim Loy's Egyptian Hieroglyphic Font. Windows. See his hieroglyphis and egyptology page for more good resources.

Serge Rosmorduc's shareware fonts and specialized software. Hieroglyphic and Coptic fonts, together with special software that sets hieroglyphics in typically Egyptian ways (ie., sized and stacked in funny ways rather than plopped next to each other letter by letter). Includes a simple demonstration program. Rosmorduc's hompage contains more hieroglyphics material.

The Shrine of Isis has a number of elegant hieroglyphic display fonts, including an "Egyptian deities font" for Windows.

Web Archive: Hieroglyphica Sign List. Listing of the 4,700 signs in the computer font Glyph.

Fonts for Scholars, Academics, Students. Jack Kilmon's marvelous trove of excellent highly-specific fonts. Need a "Siloam Inscription" font?

Hieroglyphic fonts, a link list by Luc Devroye. Most of his items are covered here, but he often describes them into greater detail. Mirror.

Zip file: Antonious Coptic. From Hany N. Takla's history and self-teaching course.

Amanuense: El Rincon del Jeroglifico Egipci. Spanish-language hieroglyphics program for Windows by Juan de la Torre Suare.

German language site with Truetype fonts, etc.

Commercial Fonts

MacScribe, a professional hieroglyphic text processor developed for the Centre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research . The program costs $242, with a 50% reduction for eligible students. Demo available.

P22 Type Foundry, Hieroglyphic. Contains over "250 different phonetic and decorative hieroglyphics, complete with an extensive translation chart." I'm not sure, given what's out there, why you would want to pay for this.

Linguist's Software "Laser Hierogylphic" font. Commercial font offers some 1000 signs facing left and right ($149).

Deniart Systems. Commercial fonts of all sorts. Dozens and dozens of fonts. The Phaistos disk font is particularly cute.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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