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Zoo Fact Sheets

Sandiego zoo. Excellent facts page with a good video.

Woodland Park Zoo fact sheet on the reticulated giraffe. Better-than-average information. Also includes a distribution map and a conservation section.

Giraffe Facts at the Columbus Zoo. Includes information on rumination, horns, species and so forth.

Rolling Hills Zoo, Salina, Kansas. This is an excellent "tell-us-everything-you-know" page. Very detailed. Includes references.

Rolling Hills Zoo has a very detailed "tell-us-everything-you-know" page. Includes references.

Houston Zoo. Dense, but good textual information.

Honolulu Zoo. With a video about giraffe teeth, the Swahili name and lots of other useful information. Other videos run the animal gammut. They also have a quiz.

Generic reticulated giraffe fact sheet / frequently asked questions, with information about the habitat and size of reticulated giraffes, photos, etc. Courtesy of the Chicago Zoological Society.

Utah's Hogle Zoo. Nice page, but read down to their disclaimer, Giraffes are "not currently in the Zoo's animal collection."

Sea World's page on the giraffe providing brief but informative details about the giraffe. Also has a FAQ / fact sheet.

Brookfield Zoo FAQs.

Sedgwick County Zoo.

San Francisco Zoo .

Barcelona Zoo. With a distribution map.

North Carolina Zoological park with a fair bit about conservation.

Como Zoo, Saint Paul.

PDF: Marxwell Zoo Giraffe Fact Sheet with distribution map.

PDF: Zoological Parks Victoria, Giraffe fact sheet.

Lincoln Park Zoo giraffe facts, with info on special adaptations, niche, life expectancy, etc.

San Antonio Zoo. Text-y.

Great Plains Zoo.

Zoos on their Giraffes

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo entry about the giraffe and details of the 19 giraffes at this zoo, like name, gender and birth year. They also have a webcam. I'm amused by one aspect. It's become de rigeur to give giraffes Swahili names, but that wasn't always so. The oldest giraffe: "Becky."

"Successful Rearing of a 10 1/2-week-old Orphaned Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardis) Calf at Brookfield Zoo" by Roger Reason, senior keeper at the Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, IL.

An article about giraffes written by Christie Ritter in 1978 while freelancing for the San Diego Zoo's ZooNooz.

At the Smithsonian National Zoological Park one can adopt one of their reticulated giraffe. There is some general information about the giraffe too on this page.

Al Ain Zoo (United Arab Emirates), about a Nubain Giraffe.

Oakland Zoo, African Savannah reticulated giraffe. Info and two gif videos (feeding and a baby giraffe)

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