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Photos of the color differences between the Masai giraffe, Reticulated giraffe, and Rothschild giraffe.

Scientific names of the species of the Graffidae family; endangered subspecies are labelled in red. Also includes Giraffidae Through Time.


The Giraffe Center is an African fund for endangered wildlife in Kenya. On this page you will find a lot of information including details of all the giraffes that have been with the center, education programs and much more.

The IUCN list of threatened species giraffe entry.


"Tall Order!" Brookfield Zoo page on giraffe birth with two nice photos of a new-born.

Biology, particularly reproductive biology text and photos by K. Benirschke. Includes images of placentas, umbilical chord, chromosomes, etc. Dr. Benirschke has an entire site devoted to Comparative Placentation.

Care and Training

Wildnet Africa, capture and care manual is list of all the articles written about the proper capture, care and transportation requirements of giraffes and other African wildlife. The giraffe section includes "Chemical capture of the giraffe" by P. Morkel, and three articles by L. Geldenhuys—"Transportation of the giraffe," "Accommodation of the giraffe" and "Care of the giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis in captivity." I like the other articles, however. Just what is involved in "Accommodation of the warthog"?

Training giraffes, for animal professionals by Diana Guerrero. This is a long question and answer kind of section with a lot of information of basic training techniques, etc. I also enjoyed her piece on Unusual Animal Careers.

The Okapi

Wikipedia. Reports that "The Okapi's tongue is long enough for it to wash its eyelids."

There is a nice photograph of the giraffe skull, and an invitation to compare it with an Okapi skull. Photographs by Neil Shedden, from the African Southern Cross Safari.

Distribution maps

General information with some rare gems: full giraffe taxonomy and a distribution map. Images taken at the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, and a lengthy, academic giraffe bibliography. Courtesy the American Zoo and Aquarium Association's "Antelope Taxon Advisory Group." They oughta know.

Woodland Park Zoo fact sheet on the reticulated giraffe. Better-than-average information. Also includes a distribution map and a conservation section.


"Successful Rearing of a 10 1/2-week-old Orphaned Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardis) Calf at Brookfield Zoo" by Roger Reason, senior keeper at the Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, IL.

"The diet of a small group of extralimital giraffe" by D. M. Parker, R. T. F. Bernard and S. A. Colvin, African Journal of Ecology, September 2003

"Palewinged Starling gleaning on desert-dwelling Giraffe, northwestern Namibia" by Julian Fennessy Namibian Elephant and Giraffe Trust. University of Sydney, Australia.

"The Art and Science of Giraffe (Giraffa camilopardalis) Immobilization/Anesthesia" by M. Bush, D. G. Grobler and J. P. Raath. Bring that giraffe to heel. Covers physical restraint, chemical immobilization, and anaesthesia of captive giraffes.

"Experiences with Restraint and Immobilisation of Captive Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) in Zoos and Safari Parks in Europe" by G.M. Benbow and D.G. Lyon.


The Giraffe Information Society a non-profit, public service organization devoted to the promotion of hunting and target shooting, and the right to keep and bear arms. This page has a welter of somewhat random info on the giraffe.

Giraffes and predators from SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association, written by Prof Gerhard H Verdoorn.

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