10th Armoured Regiment
(The Fort Garry Horse):
Vehicles, Allotments and War Department (WD) Numbers in North-West Europe

Shermans of The Fort Garry Horse concentrating
at Bretteville Le Rabet, 14 August, 1944.
Note the Valentine Bridgelayers adjacent to the dirt track.

The following information has been graciously provided by:

The Fort Garry Horse Museum and Archives
McGregor Armoury
551 Machray Ave
Winnipeg MB
R2W 1A8

A special thanks is extended to Gord Crossley of the Museum staff.

During the campaign in North-West Europe, 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade, an independent armoured brigade, operated in support of infantry formations. In the pages composing this section of STEEL CHARIOTS, we will detail vehicle allotments and serial numbers of The Fort Garry's at the end of the war.

Regimental Headquarters

'F' Echelon

'A' Echelon

'B' Echelon

Wireless Diagram: The Fort Garry Horse Employing A TAC HQ

Wireless Diagram: The Fort Garry Horse, Standard Setup

Tank WD Numbers

'A' and 'B' Vehicle WD Numbers

D.D. Tanks: The Fort Garry Horse

Typical Landing Craft Load: D-Day: The Fort Garry Horse

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