Typical Landing Craft Load:
D-Day Landing,
10th Armoured Regiment (The Fort Garry Horse)

The following is a diagram of a "typical" landing craft load of Fort Garry Horse tanks and soft-skin vehicles, along with universal carriers and 6-pdr AT guns from other units also landing on D-Day.


L.C.T. No. 541
Serial No. 1511 (L.C.T. IX)
Commander: Maj. H.S. Blanshard, F.G.H.
Load at Hard: 'G3', at 0730hrs, 03Jun44
Land on Beach: NAN WHITE, at H + 60, 'D' Day

Note that the 75mm gun tanks are all Sherman III diesel vehicles and the Firefly is a Sherman VC. Landing craft were loaded with an assortment of vehicles from varying units, depending on what was deemed necessary for the initial landing. Non-essential vehicles were to follow in the days following D-Day. LCTs with the initial assault wave DD Sherman tanks would not have had any Fireflys on board as both 'B' and 'C' Squadrons were totally equipped with 75mm gun tanks; DD equipment not having been able to be fitted to Fireflys due to the length of the 17pdr gun tube.

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