Wireless Diagram:
10th Armoured Regiment
(The Fort Garry Horse):
Employing a TAC Headquarters

The following is a diagram illustrating a typical Tactical Headquarters as set up by the Fort Garry Horse. The original rough sketch diagram is dated 31Oct44.


From the Original Document:

At Tac/HQ we employed one Sherman (command) tank as our control station. One Recce tank for the L.O. (other than one to each Bde). The I.O., M.O. ambulance and jeep, and the C.O.'s scout car. The remainder of personnel were to be fwd at their respective squadrons, R.H.Q., or Echelons. Again here, a #19 set high power, was employed to work the "G" link to main 2 C.A.B.

Also on the Net at times were:

2 i/c scout car
Recce troop
A.A. troop
O.C. "A" Ech jeep
Sigs Sgt.
Tech Adj.
L.A.D. Officer

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