AFVA Affiliated Pages


Created and maintained by George R. Bradford. It's one of the first, and remains one of the best informative armour sites. This Page also has a listing of his other armour related web sites.

"Tracks & Armor"

Created and maintained by Francis Liew of Singapore. Francis has detailed the armoured formations of Germany, the British Commonwealth, and the U.S. It includes markings that will be of interest to the armour modeller.


Mike Kendall's site with interior photos of various armoured vehicles that should be appealing to both the modeller and researcher alike. I like it.

"Das Reich"

Dan Reinbold's web site dedicated to the historical study of the Waffen SS Das Reich panzer division.

"Panzer Markings"

Bill Murphy's site dedicated to the study of German armour.

"The Military Site"

Fariz's site on the Malaysian Military and much more.

Canadian Armour Related Sites


"Maple Leaf Up"

Geoff Winnington-Ball's indepth site on the Canadian Army and its vehicles during the Second World War.

"Canadian Tracks"

Don Dingwall's new site that takes an indepth look at the vehicles and equipment of the Canadian Army from World War II to today.

"Royal Canadian Dragoon Association - National Capital Region Chapter"

Terry Seeley, a retired RCD, is the web master for this site that will be of interest to former members of the RCD.

"South Alberta Light Horse (Unofficial Home Page)"

MCpl Cartier of the SALH maintains this site.

"The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own)"

A web site posted by the Regiment with historical and modern subject matter.

"Armoured Acorn"

Barry Beldam's site on the study of Canadian armour. Great presentation and well worth a visit. Barry has been an armour/modelling enthusiast for many years.

"The Canadian Army Homepage"

A first rate site by Mike Bobbitt for those interested in all aspects of the Canadian Army. A great list of links for other Canadian sites too.

"The Fort Garry Horse"

An excellent site of a Canadian armoured regiment which served with distinction in North-West Europe.

"The Queen's York Rangers"

A good site posted by Lt. Ian Hooker of this Canadian armoured reconnaissance regiment.

"The Sherbrooke Hussars"

Ernest Garbutt has posted a site dedicated to the Sherbrooke Hussars that holds the traditions of the 27th Armoured Regiment (The Sherbrooke Fusiliers). Well worth a visit.

"Oshawa Military and Industrial Museum"

A new site created and maintained by Joe LeBreton detailing the AFVs and soft-skins collected by the Museum. Most are in "running" order. This museum is the best kept secret in the armour world.

Armour Modelling Sites

"Armor Modelling And Preservation Society"

Bob Wiber has constructed this first rate page for the AMPS and it's well worth a visit. P.S. I'm a charter member myself!

"History In Miniature"

A really good armour modelling site hosted by Barry Beaudry.


Paul Owen's site that covers armour modelling about as thoroughly as is possible. Interactive features also.

"Tom's Armour Page"

Tom Rea has started a general armour modelling site and it's well worth visiting. He's posted a good photo of a Bergepanther winch assembly that will interest the modellers among us.

"Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society"

A modelling site maintained by the Huntsville (Alabama) IPMS chapter.

"1/76 & 1/72 Scale Armoured Fighting Vehicle Museum"

Patrick D. Storto's modelling page with a good selection of his modelling achievements.

UK Military Modelling Home Page

John Harris e-mailed me to advise of this modelling page.

Suffolk Scale Model Club

Arthur Sintef II e-mailed me to advise of this club's modelling page.

General Armour Sites

"Chris Shillito's Armour In Focus"

A very well done site including first rate tank images from the Tank Museum, listings of Royal Tank Regiment MBT names and call signs and a listing of the Tank Museum exhibits; to name but a few of the resources on this site. Be sure to check it out!

"SdKfz 251"

Piet van Hees very informative page on this German multi-purpose AFV.

"The Tankies Leaguer Page"

Mark Nobles excellent site dealing with Australian armour and the Australian military in general.

"On Armour"

Claus Bonnesen's armour site from Denmark includes a good selection of armour photos.

"Panzer Lehr"

This is a good site for the German armour enthusiast with lots of information.

"HevyDuty's Armor Page"

Another good armour site with tables of specifications and good links too.

"Panzer Net"

Created and maintained by Antonio Martin Tello of Spain. A very professional and useful site.

"Achtung Panzer!"

A site for the panzer enthusiasts among us. Good WWII German armour profiles which include photos.

"The Armoured Web Site, The Tank Enthusiast's Corner"

Mario Paesani's site which is well worth a look. Very well done.

"Hobby Headquarters"

Mark Robbins and Grant Linneberg's site with orders of battles, games, book lists and web site design assistance to name but a few things.

"Red Steel"

Thorleif Olsson's site on Russian armour. A welcome addition to the Net.

General Military Sites


"CANUCK" - Clothing and Equipping the Canadian Soldier

Michael Dorosh's site on the uniforms and equipment of the Canadian soldier.

Darlington Productions, Inc.

Visit this site to keep abreast the magazines and books published by this company such as the Journal of Military Ordnance, Panzer Tracts Books, and Military Ordnance Specials.

Military Books For Sale

Derek Frost's website advertising a wide selection on books that will be of interest to the AFV enthusiast.

Vimy Militaria

A site for the collector of military medals, and those wishing to have research work done at the National Archives in Ottawa, Canada.

Canadian Heroes

Mark Nelson's professional looking site detailing the lives of Canadian servicemen.

Commonwealth Orders of Battle 1939-45

David A. Ryan has started a new site covering order of battle information that will be of interest to British Commonwealth regimental lineage students.

"War, Peace And Security Guide"

Information Resouce Centre, Canadian Forces College. 600 Links. Enough Said.

"Military History" and "Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth"

Both sites created and maintained by Todd Mills and provide lengthy lists of research sites for the armour enthusiast.

Stone & Stone Second World War Books

An excellent site for armour enthusiasts and military historians in general who are looking to add to their libraries. Well worth a visit.

"The World War II Oral History web site"

Aaron Elson has published two oral histories dealing with the U.S. 712th Tank Battalion. Visit his site for further information on these books.


A web site for the 1:1 military vehicle enthusiast and collector.

"1944 Militaria"

Wilhelm Zigo's page that specializes in German WWII reproduction camouflage, uniforms and equipment.

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