Wireless Diagram:
10th Armoured Regiment
(The Fort Garry Horse):
Standard Setup

The following is a diagram illustrating a typical Standard Setup as employed by the Fort Garry Horse. The original rough sketch diagram is dated 31Oct44.



From the Original Document:

All the tanks at Sqn H.Q.'s and at R.H.Q. are command tanks (i.e. they have two #19 sets in them). Jeeps are supposed to have #22 sets, but in our setup, #19 sets were employed. The set working from the Adj's tank to 2 C.A.B. is a #19 high power. This link is the "G" whereas from "B" Echelon to here 2 C.A.B. is the "Q" link. A #19 set low power was used. When relay stations are necessary, Recce tanks, A.A. tanks and scout cars were employed - the latter however were at a premium and were used more for other purposes. Many sets may appear on the W.E. but during battle they maintain a "listening watch" and offer a means to keep all informed of the current proceedings of the squadrons and Regiment.

Also on the Net at times:

2 i/c scout car
M.O. jeep
Recce troop
A.A. troop
O.C. "A" Ech jeep
Sigs Sgt.
Tech Adj.
L.A.D. Officer

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