Vehicles and War Department (WD) Numbers of the 10th Armoured Regiment (The Fort Garry Horse)

Shermans of 'C' Squadron, The Fort Garry Horse,
Putte, Holland, 06 October 1944.
Tactical 'circle' marking just visible on the nearest tank turret.

(As of May 1998, Donald E. Graves, in South Albertas: A Canadian Regiment At War, has identified this as a photo of an SAR tank.)


Vehicles turned over to 5th Canadian
Armoured Division Field Park, July 1945


Truck, 5-cwt



Truck, 15-cwt, Half-Track
(M14, International Harvester)

L5580507 CZ4258332 CZ4258363 CZ4258366
CZ4258420 CZ5306162 CZ5541660 CZ5571365
CZ5580057 CZ5580570 CZ5580654  


Scout Car
(Humber Mk. II)

F196168 F197506 F197858
F197881 F198320 F198437

* F198437 Reported As Stolen.

Vehicles transferred to 'B' Squadron
25CADR during July 1945


Truck, 15-cwt, Armoured

CZ4287945 CZ4288056 CZ4288170 CZ4288212

Vehicles turned in to 1 Ordnance Demob Depot,
Nijmegen, November 1945


Trailer, 1-ton



Trailer, Workshop
Mk. II TAT 4-wh

CX4766843 CX4766827 CX5830102


Trailer, 10-cwt

CX5392272 CX5711528


Trailer, 5-cwt

CX4241309 CX4241356 CX4241498
CX4280607 CX4280637 CX5417180


Trailer, Water
(180-gal, 20-cwt, 2-wh)

CX4253939 CX4261547 CX4252666
CX4253855 CX5161533  


Lorry, 3-ton, Caravan
( Ford)



Lorry, 3-ton, GS

CL4219542 CL4235533 CL4239707 CL4239871
CL4240449 CL4249893 CL4250743 CL4251332
CL4264524 CL4264916 CL4268783 CL4268809
CL4268813 CL4268958 CL4268980 CL4268993
CL4269215 CL4269563    


Lorry, 3-ton, GS
( GMC)

CL4239014 CL4239020 CL4239022 CL4239064
CL4249453 CL4249474 CL4249492 CL4249641
CL4252213 CL4265448 CL4265736 CL4265759
CL4266096 CL4274676 CL5927500  


Lorry, 3-ton, 6-wh, Stores

CL4248201 CL4248332 CL4248369


Truck, 15-cwt, Water



Truck, 15-cwt, Wireless



Truck, 15-cwt, GS

CZ4257143 CZ4257248 CZ4257286 CZ4257398
CZ4257400 CZ4257535 CZ4257547 CZ4286899
CZ4286940 CZ5924647    


Truck, 15-cwt, GS

CZ4256031 CZ4256032 CZ4256118 CZ4286120


Truck, Heavy Utility, Personnel

CZ4211123 CZ4228173 CZ4229270 CZ4229307
CZ4229321 CZ4229395 CZ4229413 CZ4229664
CZ4236846 CZ4289004    


Car, 5-cwt
(Jeep, Ford)

CM4232567 CM4232579 CM4232626
CM4233458 CM4233627 CM5571900


Car, 5-cwt
(Jeep, Willys Overland)



Motorcycle, Solo, Light

CC1411579 CC4263757 CC4681822
CC4866919 CC5267829  


Motorcycle, Solo, Heavy
(Harley-Davidson twin)

CC4225372 CC4225446


Motorcycle, Solo


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