Armoured Vehicles and War Department Numbers (WD) of the 10th Armoured Regiment (The Fort Garry Horse)

Sherman track repair, The Fort Garry Horse
Putte, The Netherlands, 06 October 1944.

During the months of June and July 1945, after the cessation of hostilities, the Fort Garry Horse turned in the following tanks (with corresponding WD numbers) to No. 2 Canadian AFV Backloading Park, at Nijmegen and Arnhem.


Sherman I



Sherman IB
M4 (105mm)

CT269638 CT269668 CT269682


Sherman IC
(M4 with 17pdr)

CT148691 CT269465


Sherman Hybrid IC
(M4 with cast front end and 17 pdr)

CT263515 CT263564 CT263582 CT263650
CT263836 CT263869 CT269879 CT263655
CT269406 CT263537 CT263060 CT270029


Sherman III

CT147030 CT147121 CT150965 CT151043
CT151047 CT151116 CT151127 CT151139
CT151278 CT151953 CT151980 CT152209
CT152815 CT152951 CT229817 CT229826
CT229843 CT229848 CT229877 CT229890
CT229994 CT230054 CT230086  


Sherman III ARV Mk. I
(M4A2, turret removed,
fitted with recovery equipment)

CT151003 CT151032 CT151119


Sherman V

CT148603 CT146294 CT148664 CT149808
CT150147 CT150226 CT211825 CT232305
CT232538 CT288437 CT288538 CT288684
CT288822 CT288836 CT289507 CT289529


Sherman VC
(M4A4 with 17 pdr)



Stuart VI
(Light Tank, M5 or M5A1, with 37mm)

CT224090 CT224236 CT224245 CT224262
CT224270 CT224276 CT271137 CT271168
CT271190 CT271228 CT271243 CT271246


Ram Kangaroo
(Late models without sponson doors or auxiliary MG turrets.
Most likely converted as the Ram Ammunition Carrier "Wallaby")

CT212727 CT159614 CT159773
CT159897 CT159898  


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