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Photo Gallery

These pictures are changed from time to time.   New contributions are always welcome.

Private Ngaire Subritzky, 1943 Chinook helicopter loading gun and ammunition, Vietnam, 1966
L5 firing, Nui Dat, Vietnam, 1967 Gunners' Day Dinner, Papakura, 2006
40th Anniversary of 161 Bty reporting Single Gun Ready in Vietnam - visit to 16 Fd Regt, Linton Camp, 2005 40th Anniversary of 161 Bty reporting Single Gun Ready in Vietnam - dinner, 2005
Reunion 2005, Palmerston North Alex Weir's Korean War guns at high angle
16 Field Regiment fires half millionth round in Korea Presentation of special award to Wally Ruffell, 2003
16 Field Regiment Reunion 2003 164 Battery, 1948
Living conditions, Bien Hoa, Vietnam, 1966 Vietnam, 1968
161 Battery and the 105mm light gun, 1987 161 Battery at Enoggera, 1988
4(G) Medium Battery, 1983 Final CMT Shoot, 1959, 21 Bty, 2 Fd Regt
161 Battery in Fiji, 1976 Post-War Occupation of Japan, 1946
Demolishing the Village of Long Phouc, Vietnam, 1966 14 LAA Regt, North Africa, WW2
161 Bty in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, 1966 161 Bty in Nui Dat, Vietnam, 1966
161 Bty training, Manawatu, 2000 Air Defence firing, Kaipara, 1999
Exercise HELLFIRE 1999 Live Firing Trip
Dedication of L5 pack howitzer, Titahi Bay, 1998 Parade 98
Gunners' Day Dinner, Papakura, 2002  
Gunners' Day Dinner, Papakura, 2000 Gunners' Day Dinner, Papakura, 1999
Reunion 1999 Reunion 1998
Plane crash, Korean War, 1953 31 (B) Bty 1978
Preparing ammunition for calibration  
Coronation Parade by 1st Commonwealth Division, Korean War, 1953
The North-South Railway and Song Be, Vietnam, 1966
Camouflaged gun position - Click for Hellfire 99

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