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Second World War Images from the North African Campaign

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25-pounder firing at night - Cairo area.
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Desert convoy, Nofilia to Tripoli.
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Round the campfire - Sollum.

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2nd NZ Divisional Artillery

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John Brook and a 'Wog' ropemaker, Cairo.

Struan MacGibbon arrived in the Middle East with the 7th Reinforcement in late 1941, and was initially a gunner in �E' Light Ack Ack Battery. With his service somewhat interrupted by illness and injury, Struan became something of a �spare parts� soldier. He also spent time in 32 Battery 7th anti-tank regiment; as a bren gunner in F Troop, 26th Battery, 4th NZ Field Regiment; in the orderly room for HQ 41 Battery, 14th Light Ack Ack Regiment; in the pay office for HQ 2NZEF, and finally, until nearly the end of 1945, in the NZ Armed Forces pay office in England. He was an excellent photographer who had been a camera club member before the war, and he took many photographs in North Africa and Italy. Hundreds of captioned photos have survived, making an important collection of �one man's war through a camera lens� � a combination of battleground and camp photos, and observations of the 'locals' in Palestine, North Africa and Southern Italy. Fortunately, these images, along with transcripts of his daily diaries, are being released in a forthcoming book, �Struan�s War�. In a seven-month period back at Maadi Camp before going on to Italy, he was also a leading member of the Maadi Camera Club.

For an account of the New Zealand Artillery in North Africa, see 5 Field Regiment's story.

Photographer: Struan MacGibbon, New Zealand Artillery.
Photographs courtesy John MacGibbon.