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To 16 Fd Regt in Korea

Alex Weir's Korean War Guns

in high angle

Korean War

Alex Weir writes of the final stages of the Korean War where both sides wanted as much land as they could prior to 27 July which was when the war was supposed to cease. Alex has included some snaps of 25 pounders in high angle (i.e. above 45 degrees). Very handy when the bad guys are tucked in behind hills where they thought they would be able to hide from normal flat trajectory rounds, but here we can lob them up into the air much like a mortar. Below are some pictures of various guns in 'high angle'. The 25 pounder and the 5.5 inch gun had to have a large hole dug so as to lower the trails into it to achieve the above 45 degree elevation. For the 5.5 inch it was not a large hole it was a big hole.

5.5inch in high angle5.5inch in high angle
5.5 inch gun in high angle. The rope was needed to pull the barrel down to load.
25pdr in high angle 25pdr in high angle
25 pounder in high angle