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Ptolemies (Egypt)

Amazon. Egypt in the Age of Cleopatra: History and Society Under the Ptolemies by Michel Chauveau, translated by David Lorton, billed as a "an accessible introduction to the social, economic, religious, military, and cultural history of Ptolemaic Egypt."

Reviewed by Marjorie S. Venit, Bryn Mawr Classical Review November 2000.
Review by Kris Hirst (

The House of Ptolemy. Ever-growing portal of information on Hellenistic Egypt and more (Adam D. Philippidis) Also read its review in BMERR (Marjorie Venit).

Alexandria and her Schools by Charles Kingsley. 1854 lectures survey Hellenistic thru Muslim Alexandria. Very dated, but a few good phrases. On-site etext

"Reign of the Ptolemies: Egypt after Alexander the Great" by Romeo Reyes. (from David's Ancient World)

"The Kingdom of the Ptolemies" from the History Section of Hellas:Net by Martijn Moerbeek (gorgeous site).

Seleucids (Asia)

Amazon. From Samarkhand to Sardis : A New Approach to the Seleucid Empire by Susan Sherwin-White, with Amelie Kuhrt (Hellenistic Culture and Society, No 13). (UC Press blurb)

Review by Waldemar Heckel, BMCR 92.2.10.

I have expressed disappointment that this is not a history of the Seleukid empire, at least not in the traditional sense. Students, encountering the Hellenistic Age for the first time, will feel more comfortable with another book in this series, Peter Green's Alexander to Actium, now available in paperback. For senior undergraduates and graduate students From Samarkhand to Sardis will become necessary reading, even if its conclusions cannot be endorsed whole-heartedly.

eGroups: Seleukids. A remarkably scholarly discussion group about the Seleucid monarchy.

Suda: Antiochus the King (trans. J. Benedict)

The Later Seleucids .

Web Archive A course on the Seleucids at Saint Andrews, UK.

Web Archive The "Hoover Collection of Seleucid Coins".

Amazon. Antiochos III and the Cities of Western Asia Minor by John Ma, Oxford UP 1999. Academically priced.

Reviewed by Paola Ceccarelli, BMCR 1-2-15.

"The Kingdom of the Seleucids" from the History Section of Hellas:Net by Martijn Moerbeek (gorgeous site).

Pergamon (Asia Minor)


Amazon. Antigonus II Gonatas : A Political Biography by Janice J. Gabbert.

Reviewed by Gary Reger, BMCR 98.10.

Bactria / Indo-Greeks

Britannica: Menander (fl. 160-135). Information on the Indo-Greek king (not the comedian).

Klaus Karttunen, India and the Hellenistic World, Reviewed by Stanley M. Burstein, Scholia ns 9 (2000)

Britannica: Bactria.

Miniature rules for Bactrian and Indo-Greek armies from Chris Brantley. Includes a short section of historical notes.

Amazon. Thundering Zeus : The Making of Hellenistic Bactria by Frank Lee Holt (Hellenistic Culture and Society, 32). See the pay-only review in the American Historical Review.

Web Archive Greco-Bactrian rule from the History of Pakistan (Pakistan News Service )

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