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Text: Idylls 12 and 13, translated by Edward Carpenter. Very stilted English. (from "People with a Story")

Fifteenth Idyll from the Ancient History Sourcebook. Unknown trans., from Carroll, Greek Women (1908).

Amazon. Penguin edition of Theocritus, translated by Robert Wells. Currently OUP (Penguin blurb)

Introductions and appreciations

Encyclopaedia Britannica: Theocrius. Somewhat dated.

Willaim Sharp, "The Land of Theocritus" short chapter of literary travel-literature, from Literary Geography and Travel-Sketches (1912)


Text: Fifteenth Idyll (Ancient History Sourcebook)

The pipe of Theocritus (Loeb translation with Greek text facing). See below under "other" for a gorgeous Renaissance printing of this poem.

Attractive page with Greek text of Theocritus. I need to get the appropriate fonts, but this appears to be a complete text of the Idyls.

Amazon. Theocritus, A Selection : Idylls 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 13 . The Greek text edited and with commentary by Richard Hunter. Also available in hardcover. (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics, CU Press blurb).

Reviewed by Robert Schmiel, BMCR 1999.

"If Hunter had been more selective in choosing topics for comment and had exercised more control over the extent of his comments, he would have been able to include a few more poems."

Papyrus fragment of Theocritus, Idyl, xiii. (Princeton University Library)

Academic studies

Theocritus bibliography by Martijn Cuypers. Comprehensive.

Amazon. Theocritus's Urban Mimes: Mobility, Gender, and Patronage by Joan B. Burton (UCPress blurb). Academic pricing.

Reviewed by Alexander Sens, BMCR 1996.

Web Archive Fred Beake, "Theocritus and Spenser" reflective conference paper.

Review of Alexander Sens, Theocritus: Dioscuri (Idyll 22): Introduction, Text, and Commentary. Reviewed by Frederick T. Griffiths, BMCR 1998.

Poetry inspired by Theocritus

"I thought how Theocritus..." by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1856)

"Theocrius" by Oscar Wilde (1881)

Web Archive Poem: "Honest, Theocritus!" by John Kinsella, from Jacket magazine.


Folia images from Aldine edition of Theocritus, and other authors (1495/96). Includes gorgeous page with first idyl and a beautifully-arranged To Pan. From an online exhibit In Aedibus Aldi: The Legacy of Aldus Manutius and his Press (Brigham Young University).

16th century edition of Theocritus housed on Mt. Athos. with a quote from Theocritus. Ok, this has no "value" but what an amusing page to find.

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