The Successors

Alexander's successors: The Diadochi, an excellent multi-part account, with source selections, by Jona Lendering. Lendering's web scholarship is always compelling.

Babylonian chronicles. Lendering describes this as "really hot stuff"— web publication of a number of unpublished Babylonian historical accounts. Among these are the The Ptolemy III Chronicle (BCHP 11), on Ptolemy III Euergetes' campaigns in Mesoptoamia, 246/245 BC.

Arrian, Events after Alexander. Photius' epitome, translated by John Rooke (1814). Now on the web for the first time. From my Classical Library site.

Amazon. Antigonos the One-Eyed and the Creation of the Hellenistic State by Richard A. Billows. (UC Press blurb) There are no academic reviews online, but Amazon has two surprisingly cogent reviews. Jefferson Gray writes:

If your interest in this book comes from the standpoint of an ancient history buff rather than an academic, you should understand that Billows's book started out life as a dissertation, and it's really two books in one. The first book -- which consists of the first 190 pages -- is essentially a well-researched biography that treats Antigonus's life and career in chronological order. The second book -- consisting of the last 120 pages -- treats Antogonus's foreign relations, economic and social policies, etc., and will be of more interest and utility to scholars.

Lay reader Danny Yee's short, summary/review.

Bibliography: The Successors of Alexander the Great by Waldemar Heckel.

"The Era of the Diadochs" from the History Section of Hellas:Net by Martijn Moerbeek (gorgeous site).

Excellent chronology of the wars of the successors attached to a great, but less-detailed hellenistic chrolonology (Chris Forbes, Macquarie University).

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