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Prince Harry's echidna encounter

Britain's Prince Harry captured on file being pricked by an echidna in Sydney.

China Daily has very blown-up images of Harry's encounter.

Official Prince of Wales website.

Another Henry-echidna story.

Patrick Jephson, wrings political metaphor from the photo-op (The Observer, September 2003).

"Prince Harry's official photocall - with a worried-looking spiny anteater - symbolises the delicacy of his mission. Australian monarchists must be as apprehensive as the porcupine (sorry, echidna)."

Foreign-language pages

German Wikipedia.

Miscellaneous miscellaneous

The word "echidna" in Australian aboriginal languages Uw Oykangand and Uw Olkola. Also includes info on aboriginal echidna spears. You can also view these porcupine spears and bunched porcupine spears.

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