Zoos with Echidnas

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Zoos with pages on their echidnas

San Diego Zoo: Victor the Echidna. Victor is the oldest mammal at the zoo (he's nearly 50). He spent the first 30 years of his life as Erma, until his true sex was discovered. They also have a page on Egg-laying mammals.

The ZooDoo Wildlife Fun Park in Tasmania has an albino echidna! Story and photo from the Herald Sun.

Fort Wayne, IN, has "Red" the echidna. There's some sort of audio resource available, but I can't get it to work.

Zoos with echidnas, and general information

Peth Zoo: Short-beaked Echidna.

Ellen Trout Zoo (Lufkin, Texas). Good information. This is an "animal of the month" page.

Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria, Australia.

Ettamogah Wildlife Sanctuary, Albury Wodong, Australia.

Casual mentions

Saint Louis Zoo.

Symbio Wildlife Gardens, New South Wales, Australia.

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