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Stuffed animals

Plush Echidna from

Stuffed echidnas, seven inch and five inch/"beanie" from

Stuffed echidna from Stuffed Ark.


Echidna Skeleton from Ellie-Za's Echidna Enclave Gallery.

Echidna skeletons from Skulls Unlimited International. This full skeleton is not for sale; it was a custom job. But they do have skulls.

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CT scans of a platypus skeleton you can also see from different angles. Includes an excellent set of online resources. The site, DigiMorph, is a serious scientific resource. Unfortunately, they have not yet scanned an echidna.

Other products

Jack's favorite echidna toy, the colorful, realistic, and bath-ready vinyl echidna from Discovery Science and the Miniature Zoo.

Echidna key fob, from Silver Puzzle.

Echidna Ink Stamp from Travelin' Naturalists.

Echidnas Crossing Sign from Everything Australian.

Pine tablemats that tesselate, from Match Mates.

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