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Video: Quicktime movie of an echidna rambling about courtesy The Interactive Tour of Tasmania.


Photo Gallery from the Scribbly Gum program on Australian Broadcasting. The main page is excellent, and concentrates mostly on mating.

A short-nosed echidna peeking out of a hole and "Echidnas and Friend" (Echidnas at a trough, with a bird looking for advantage) taken by Yuval Oren.

Fonofbafut's photos, including an echidna egg.

Three ekidnas eating at a trough from the defunct Talune Wildlife Park.

"Echidna At Eagle Point" by Ewen Bell.


John Gould (1863) and another. Gould's drawings distinguish between Echidna hystrix and Echidna setosa, now combined under Tachyglossus aculeatus.

Anonymous drawing c. 1792. Click to enlarge. The drawing is sometimes falsely credited to George Shaw; a copy of it appeared in Shaw's 1792 description of the "Short-beaked echidnas," the first published description of the echidna. Detailed, scholarly page courtesy Natural History Museum (UK).

PDF: Early drawings of the echidna, including Captain William Bligh's are spotlighted in the Autumn 2002 Puggle Post (newsletter of the Pelican Lagoon Research Centre).

"Something in the air" (recent) by Janet Matthews.

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