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Dragon Pictures, The Orthodox Tradition

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Russia early c Russia early c Ukraine c
Russia, early 16c.
274 x 380
Russia, early 16c.
271 x 380
Ukraine, 14c.
612 x 999
Ukraine c Ukraine late c Ukraine early c
Ukraine, 15c.
468 x 999
Ukraine, late 15c.
612 x 971
Ukraine, early 16c.
612 x 1008
Ukraine c Painting of St George c- Russia c
Ukraine, 15c.
441 x 373
Painting of St. George, c.1500-1520
191 x 392
Russia, 16c.
406 x 536
Greece late c Greece - by Emmanuel Tzanes St George by John Snogren
Greece, late 17c.
304 x 485
(Greece, 1660-80) by Emmanuel Tzanes
326 x 400
St. George by John Snogren
396 x 540
St George and the Dragon Ethiopia c Novgorod School c Imperial crown of Ethiopia with St George device on front
St. George and the Dragon (Ethiopia, 20c)
358 x 800
Novgorod School (15c.)
535 x 689
Imperial crown of Ethiopia, with St. George device on front
283 x 286
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