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Dragon Artists

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Note: I am always looking for other dragon art and dragon artists, and will include anything remotely relevant. Send an email to [email protected].

I have, of course, looked carefully at every site, and did what I could to find all the dragons. But I am not infallible. The same goes for my comments. Some artists get more description than others. If you disagree with a comment or want me to say more, send me an email and I'll take a look.

Independent websites

Max Bertuzzi's Fantasy Art Studio dragon gallery. Bertuzzi is a talented Italian freelance artist. His art can also be found on Elfwood and, a wonderful Italian art site.

Tarnished Images: Ruth Thompson. Thompson's art is always captivating, but she is particular fan of dragons. She also does some rather fetching faeries and mermaids. Her 2003 Dragons Calendar is unfortunately sold-out (and out of date), but you can still get Morning Stretch as a temporary tattoo.

Ciruelo Fantasy Art. The mononymic Argentinian Ciruelo was the author/illustrator of the 1992 book The Book of the Dragon which, as he points out, is all over the web now, mostly without attribution. His work is tip-top fantasy, with a lot of dragon.

Keith Parkinson. Exceptional high-polished fantasy art. Parkinson is a regular on Dragon Magazine and on fantasy covers.

Amazon. Touch of Magic : The Douglas Shuler Sketchbook by Douglas Shuler.

Website: The Art of Douglas Shuler. Hard-working illustrator with wonderful dragons, often in humorous situations (eg., "Walk Softly"). Much cheesecake, of which I admire his "Playwiz" illustrations.

Larry Elmore. Does Elmore need introduction? I don't think so. Go right ahead and check out his many galleries. A number of his originals are for sale.

Shadowscapes / Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Ms. Law has a very distinctive style, to my eye very attractive. She has only a few dragons, but her angels are numerous.

Katharina Woodworth / Aquafemina. Gorgeous, unique watercolors. Ms. Woodworth also does elegant web sites and, in keeping with her name, mermaid art. She is also on Elfwood.

Clyde Caldwell. Great fantasy art. His dragons and maidens reminded me of my youth&emdash;he illustrated a lot of the earlier Dragon Magazines.

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. Vallejo, at least, needs no introduction. They seem to have merged web opperations.

Ursula Vernon / I am very taken with Ms. Vernon's dragons, angels and particularly griffns, generally accompanied with an amusing descriptive paragraph. Her garbage dragon is amusing. Her essay "Because It's Fantasy And I Say So" is also great.

The Art of the Empath / Michele-lee Phelan. Attractive, distinctive fantasy art. My favorite is the fantasy RPG commission with the flying squirrel.

Sommerland / Amanda and Donna Quinn. Distinctive dragon art from the authors of the superlative dragon site Sommerland.

Christopher Appel, marvelous fantasy art, for magazines, card games and such.

Cara Mitten has some very interesting dragon and griffin art, unfortunately available only through lists of filenames. Some pictures can be found on, including dragon and griffin embelishments on her car.

Dika Wolfe on "Dragon Trainer" and a number of other interesting fantasy pieces.

Theresa Brandon. Talented children's book author. One dragon, reading with a girl.

Jane Irwin / Fiery Studios. Irwin has only one dragon picture, titled "Hors d'Oeuvre." In giving away the title, however, I've spoiled the fun. As she writes:

"People always love this painting. They come up to it and say, "Oh, my goodness, what a lovely dragon! What a cute little girl!"
And then they read the title.
And then they walk away from my table, shooting me dirty looks."

Don Maitz. Highly-accomplished fantasy art, divided into "dragons," "damsels" "wizard work," etc.

Lee Moyer. Illustrator and web designer. I recognized a lot of his wonderful Call of Cthulhu art.

The Art of Michael Whelan. Classic fantasy art.

Lawrence A Williams. Highly-polished and attractive angels and dragons.

Amy Brown Fantasy Art. Faeries are the main event here, but there are a few faerie dragons and "dragon divas" done in her distinctive style.

Dale D Ziemianski. Well-executed, sometimes funny, sometimes cheesy fantasy art.

The Art of William Hammock. Dragon series includes many "unusual" dragons—ghost dragons, snowflake dragons, etc.

John E. Kaufman. Kaufman has some of the more unusual dragon art, including the "Beer Dragon" (a Saint Bernard take-off) and a luminescent dragon's egg.

Matt Stawicki. Accomplished and much-published fantasy artist, including a gallery of Dragonlance images.

Stan Wisniewski's Painting Gallery. Wiesniewski's fantasy art doesn't look like everyone else's fantasy art. His dragons are an appealing mix of Asian and European features. His "garden cherubs" aren't my cup of tea.

Roberto Campus. Fantasy art in various styles. His tutorials section is rewarding.

Dee Dreslough's Art Gallery. Dreslough has an amusic section of email dragons.

Original Fantasy Artwork by Alane Fieldson. Includes two well-stocked dragon galleries.

Morion's Home. Swedish artist with an impressive dragon and creature gallery., the Art of Jessica Peffer. I have to confess, I don't like anime, and I hate "anthropomorphic art." But Peffer's work is so very good, and is clearly getting better and better.

Angel Illustrations - The Art of K. P. Lines. Lines has a few dragons—notably a series with a woman and her dragon "lover"—and many enchanting angels.

Marc Potts from Duirwaigh Gallery. Striking.

Michael Orwick from Duirwaigh Gallery. Striking.

B.L. Render / Bloodsong produces interesting 3D computer art, with dramatic camera angles and situations.

Tiger Lily Treasures / Beth Norton. Norton does some very colorful and striking stained glass mosaics, her fine art gallery includes angels and mermaids.

Kenneth Olsson. Interesting prehistoric animals, and a gallery of Maya 3D art.

L.W. Perkins has some very arresting fantasy art, including griffins, dragons and mermaids.

Nancy Chien-Eriksen's Dragons and other art. Her art is good, but the images tend to be too small and too obscured by copyright notices.

Sandra SanTara / Windwolf Studio. Love her the unusual "Gryphon Wheel"

Heather Bruton, appealing art, including dragons.

Stephen Hickman. Striking fantasy art; although not usually in the dragon pictures, Hickman does magic well. / Linda Tso is a talented New Zealand artist, whose dragons mostly stay in the background. You'd hardly note it in the wonderfully-titled The Next Pray.

Alan F. Beck. Three light dragon pictures in the "Fantasy" section.

Joe Calcins fantasy art.

Ronald Chironna, fantasy and science fiction illustrations.

Anne El-Habre. I am very fond of her statement on ASFA.

"I try to go back to the beginning, to the origins of most of the folklore and the stories that were told. I find that over the years and centuries the stories get watered down and homogenized to the point where they have lost the sense of what made them so provocative in the first place. Faeries are not cuddly, mermaids are not friendly, and angels, from any culture, are formidable."

The Enchanted Art Collection of Jessica Galbreth-Painter "painter of myth, magic and enchantment." Although not the center of the oevre she does interesting dragons.

Tania Henderson. See her Dragon Gallery. I am a fan of "Blue Mermaid" and "Lauren" from her Mermaid Gallery.

Heather Hudson / Studio Wondercabinet. I particularly enjoy the expression on the face of her "Dragon Tamer."

Rob Katkowski. Striking fantasy art.

Charles Keegan . Classic fantasy artist.

Stanley Morrison. A plethora of attractive dragons in color and black and white.

Alexander's Fantasy / Alexander Petkov. Petkov has a number of very attractive illustrations of episodes of Tolkien.

The Art of Bradley Williams, with the dragon rider Eyes in the Sky.

The Art of Deborah-Anne Woods. Beautiful "Fair Maidens" and dragons, mostly baby ones.

DragonTree: Art by Molly Barr. It's off topic, but I enjoyed her "Ruby," seemingly from one of those Egyptian encaustics, and, from a mosaic, Sappho. She also has some memorable "migraine" art.

Howard David Johnson. Unique fantasy artist combines illustrations and photographs.

Jennifer O'Meara's Dragon Dreams. Meara has some striking stuff—dragons, angels, mermaids, even a griffin. Unfortunately, the posted sizes are often small.

Mindplaces: Art by Eric Pommer. Striking fantasy art.

Delight's Fantasy Art. Mermaids and dragons.

Nemia Rucker / The Rucker Homepage. Stylish angels, mermaids and dragons.

Freondream / Meilin Wong. Winged humanoids and other creatures. Her Rape-of-Nanking painting Hush is disturbing.

Darryl Elliott / Elliott Art Gallery. One impressive black and white, "After I Killed Her."

Alan Pollack. Striking fantasy art; two dragons.

Animation Arthouse / Lisa Konrad (and various anagrammatical pseudonyms). Fine art and animations.

Black Dragon's den / Yvon.

Silas Toball from Duirwaigh Gallery. Also visit Goblin Design.

Michael Clarke, freelance artist. One dragon. Attractive, doomy illustrations.

Beth Hansen: Art of Faery & Myth. Hansen specializes in faeries, but has a few mermaids and dragons.

Uwe Jarling / Jarling Arts.

ASAF: Jan Patrik Krasny. The artist's Czech website seems down.

Charlene Maguire / Shapeshifter Studios. Appealing fantasy and non-fantasy art.

Brian McElligott. Fantasy and children's illustrator.

Patrick McEvoy / Megaflow Graphics. Wonderful Cthulhu art; one Dragon Attack.

Postmortem: The Art of R K Post. Striking angels, fallen and not. One "covetous" dragon.

The Art of Barbara Revilla.

Dragginart Studios' artist Dusten Sonnon.

The Art of Leo Winsted. Striking fantasy art.

Travis Beck Woodham. Some illustrations only appear on her ASFA site.

Suzanne Bateson.

MaverickArts The Official Website of Monte M. Moore. Lush pinups and extravagant sculptures.

The Fantasy Art of John Chandler. Mostly black and white drawings, of dragons and others.

The Griffin's Lair / Jessica Entis.

Dixeyland / Amber, who also has some screen backgrounds.

Faerywoods / Michelle Campbell, mostly faeries and pixies; some dragons and faery dragons.

Linsey Huish / Sidian.Net, "the art and oddity of a fuzzy silver dragon," "anthropomorphic" art in both general and adult galleries—the latter must be seen to be believed.

Rachel K. Clark, with a number of dragons. I enjoyed her paleology gallery.

Stephen Morillo, history prof. at Wabash College and amateur artist.

Ken Takara does some interesting things with paintings.

Sarrah Phipps / Nightlyre

ASFA (The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists)

Jose Pardo. Worked for a "textbook publisher in Orlando." Speaking as someone who worked for a "textbook publisher in Boston," you're not fooling anyone—that's Harcourt! <grin> Too bad his "Death of the Dragon" didn't make it into any textbooks.

Joe Mueller. All his ASFA images are of dragons.

Todd Lockwood. Only a few works, but impressive. His "Death Loves Me" is evocative.

Antonia E. Agelaius. One interesting dragon.

John R. Gray III. His ASFA entry has one dragon and one griffin.

Gary McCluskey.

Dan Monroe

Steve Roberts. Attractive art. Unfortunately, his personal art site seems down.

David Grattoni from Wonderful dragons and an entertaining drawing of a fairy riding a frog.

Samir Battistotti. Striking fantasy and sci-fi art from the Italian site

Franco Colicchio. Striking fantasy figures from

Niki Pancaldi from

Claudio Trangoni from


Heather Lee Harvey. Wonderful dragons. Harvey also has a separate website, with more dragons, some nice animated gifs.

Johanna 'Dragon' Jonsson. Dragons, some spooky angels and mermaids.

Anna Avila. 16 year-old Canadian. Better than a lot of older artists.

Tommi Tissari has a distinctive quasi-childish style, sometimes successful.

Scott L. Pruett. Very many dragons.

Jenny Wren Moore ("The Dragon Girl")

Stephen 'Red Dragon' Michaud. One dragon.

Jussi Rautio. Swedish student with one dragon.

Anna Goldberg. One dragon. Mermaids and fairies.

Edward Young. One dragon. Distinctive style.

Wilson Saunders. Dragons, gryphon and a nice "Playful Mermaid."

Samara Morgan.

Rose Holland.

Alicia 'Griffon Lady' Hamm , a prodigious griffin artist with a few dragons.

Omar Morsy. One dragon.

Kariki "Dragon Mystic" Moso. One eponymous dragon.

Elizabeth Mastroianni, fond of dragons.

Julia Davis. 13-year-old with two dragons.

Jesse Gillies.

Luca Fioravanti, a medicine student in Pavia.

Eric Decluseau has some good dragons and an amusing cartoon of an angel restrained by a ball and chain.

Vasileios Papadimitriou.


Tracy Trowbridge / machine-guts. Finely detailed dragons.

Reeks / Rico Holmes. Striking dragons in varying colors. Holmes also has his own website.

MParker / M. Parker. One dragon, much Celtic-inspired art. She also has a website.

el-grimlock / Mauro Herrera, high-stylized fantasy art.

jennadelle, apparently Jenna A. C. and Adelle T. Corizon.


Brian Crick made an elegant dragon mosaic for "The Barony of the Cleftlands," and does elegant web design.

John T. Unger fashions a wide variet of interesting mosaics.

Mosaicist Ellen Stern, with a dragon mosaic.

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