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Dragon Mosaic, inspired by a 3c BC mosaic from southern Italy, from Made in Museum.

Art Nouveau pendant with Saint Michael and the Dragon (1890)

Astral Castle Pocket Dragons sells "Real Musgrave's Pocket Dragons." There are literally hundreds of these little statues, and for every conceivable mood, occasion and person. Who knew? has an enormous collection of dragon merchandise. The usual is here—bookends, temporary tattoos, pendants and "pocket dragons"—but this place also has weathervanes, gear knobs, wedding-cake toppers, coasters, shot glasses, cell phone covers, tongue studs and "ear whimsies." All-in-all, tons of marvelous stuff for the true dragon nut.

Magic Dragon Costume from CostumeCraze.

Miscellaneous miscellaneous

Team Smaug: The Birth of a Dragon , creators of a very frightening Smaug for a childrens play at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center (LPAC).

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