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Dragon Pictures, Islamic Dragons

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iShahnamai Gushtasp Slays a Dragon Iran - Prophet Mohammed tranquilizes the dragon on the way of the caravan Turkish c Bahram Gur Slays a Dragon from the Demotte iShahnamai Iran c
Shahnama, Gushtasp Slays a Dragon (Iran, 1501-1732) New
322 x 512
"Prophet Mohammed tranquilizes the dragon on the way of the caravan" (Turkish, 16c.) New
250 x 407
Bahram Gur Slays a Dragon, from the "Demotte" Shahnama (Iran, 14c) New
288 x 380
Isfandiyar and dragon from a copy of the iShahnamai c - Lion and Dragon fighting Iran c Rustam and Rakhsh Slay a Dragon from the iShahnamai Iranc -
Isfandiyar and dragon, from a copy of the Shahnama (c. 1330-1340)
650 x 330
Lion and Dragon fighting (Iran, 17c)
650 x 437
Rustam and Rakhsh Slay a Dragon, (from the Shahnama), (Iran, c. 1560-1570)
512 x 415
Persian drawing -c The crow addresses the animals including a dragon Mughal c Dragon Carpet Caucasus c
Persian drawing (16-17c.)
506 x 750
"The crow addresses the animals" (including a dragon), (Mughal, c. 1600)
600 x 600
Dragon Carpet (Caucasus, 19c)
450 x 577
iShahnamai Isfandiyar Slays a Dragon Iran c Magical mirror Iran c Dragon and Kylins Fighting Ottoman c
Shahnama, Isfandiyar Slays a Dragon (Iran, 18c)
512 x 324
Magical mirror (Iran, 12c.)
768 x 666
Dragon and Kylins Fighting (Ottoman, 17c)
665 x 450
A Dragon in Clouds Persian c Ornamental drawing of a dragon Ottoman c Dragon in Foliage Ottoman c
"A Dragon in Clouds" (Persian, 15c.)
594 x 450
Ornamental drawing of a dragon (Ottoman, 16c)
650 x 451
Dragon in Foliage (Ottoman, c. 1565)
512 x 313
Prototypical Dragon Carpet Persian
"Prototypical Dragon Carpet" (Persian, 1592)
260 x 200
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