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Asian and Middle Eastern Dragons

Asian dragons | Middle eastern dragons

Asian dragons

Dragon Images of Japan by Mark Schumacher, with excerpts from related literature. Somewhat disorganized but high-quality information.

Eastern Dragon Overview detailed information on the differences between Chinese, Japanese and Korean dragons, from The Circle of the Dragon.

Asian Dragons from Lady Gryphon's Mythical Realm.

Middle eastern dragons

Simorgh: An Old Persian Fairy Tale by Homa A. Ghahremani, from the Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Also (partially) here.

Amazon. In the Dragon's Claws: The Story of Rostam and Esfandiyar from the Persian Book of Kings, from Firdawsi's Shahnameh, translated by Jerome W. Clinton.

Simurg – A Persian Fairy Tale by Payam Narbaraz, a survey of the legend, from White Dragon, "an independent quarterly pagan magazine covering witchcraft, northern traditions, the occult and earth mysteries" since 1993.

Zahak the Dragon King, from Firdawsi's Shahnameh, translated by Parviz Lashgari and Deirdre Lashgari.

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