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  • This page lists all countries that used Sherman tanks and/or related AFVs during WW2 and/or in the post-war period. The accent is on either standard vehicles in use with rather unknown users, or one-off/limited production types in use with well-known users. The criterium really is whether or not the information is generally available in literature. Thus you will not find extensive listings of all the Shermans used by the US Army during WW2, as there are many books describing those. I choose to spend my time and server space on peculiar types, not widely known users or to set straight commonly accepted misconceptions.
    I have chosen the Internet to publish what I know as I think it is the best medium to exchange information with others and it enables me to update the pages as soon as more information becomes available. What you see here are the combined efforts of many contributors and myself. Even though many pages are still under construction, I think they can form a basis for discussion or further research.

    Apart from some pages under construction, whether or not the number of links to countries listed on this page will continue to grow depends on your ability and willingness to help me. As you can see for yourself, all I know about some countries is that they used "Shermans" during and unknown period in time. To fill in the gaps, I need you help. If you know more about the Sherman tanks and/or related AFVs used by countries listed on the left (or ones I did not list!), please contact me by e-mail. Please send me an e-mail before mailing any large attachments. If you have anything you want to send to me by regular mail, e-mail me and I will send you my mailing address. Thanks in advance!