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The activities can be split up in the following categories: 
  1. Compilation of data on surviving examples

  2. Since 1988, when I started to collect data on surviving Sherman tanks and related AFVs, I have amassed 1,000+ records on surviving Sherman tanks and related AFVs around the world. To get a general idea of what can be found where, see the June 1997 Sherman Register Statistics. If you need specific information about surviving examples around the world, let me know. If you have found another example which I do not know about yet, please e-mail me
    If you plan to go Sherman hunting yourself, be sure to read the notes on the M4-series serial numbers on the Subjects page. If you find any serial no.'s, please let me know about them. 
  3. Research into manufacture, use and modification

  4. Due to its versatility, the Sherman tank has always been a likely candidate for modification and upgrading. During WW-2 the basic chassis was used for many variants, ranging from self-propelled guns to recovery vehicles and armoured personnel carriers. After WW-2 the Sherman remained in high demand by many armies around the world. Well known are the Israeli modifications, but many other countries also modified their Shermans and a surprising number of these is still in use. Believe it or not, but as recent as 1998(!) Mexico converted a number of its Sherman tanks into engineering recovery tractors. 
    See the Subjects and Sherman Encyclopedia pages for more research notes. 
  5. Support restoration projects

  6. I do my best to support restoration projects in every possible way. I have put many museums and collectors in contact with each other, to their mutual benefit. 
    My hands-on experience includes the largest project the Sherman Register has carried out to date: the restoration of a Ram Kangaroo. It now serves as a memorial to the 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment at Mill, the Netherlands.