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Sherman Repotenciado 
Photo courtesy of Dennis Schneider
In 1979 120 Sherman VCs and Sherman Hybrid ICs were converted. With the gradual entrance into service of the TAM in the early 1990s, they were passed to the operational depots where they were reconditioned and put in storage, to be used in the event of strategic or military necessity. 

Armament: FTR 105 mm L44/57 gun (Argentinean-built AMX-13 gun), coaxial MAG 7.62 mm machine gun, turret-mounted Browning M2 HB 12.7 mm machine gun. 
Engine: French Poyaud 520, V8 diesel, 450 hp @ 2,600 rpm. 

Cureña Motorizada M7B1 para obús de 105mm
Cureña VC M7
Photo courtesy of Dennis Schneider
Six M7 105 mm HMCs arrived in 1950. Years later they were taken out of service until 1981, when they were modernised for return to active duty. 

Armament: M2A1 105 mm howitzer. 
Engine: Deutz F10 L-413F 450 hp air cooled diesel engine. 


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