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The Netherlands 

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After WW2, the Koninklijke Landmacht (Royal Netherlands Army, RNlA) acquired about 200-250 Sherman tanks and related AFVs from the Commonwealth vehicle dumps in the Netherlands. These stock included:

These war-weary AFVs were later replaced by freshly overhauled ones received through the MDAP. Several dozens of these worn-out Sherman and Ram tanks were then converted into tank-pillboxes as part of the defences for the IJssellinie. Fireflies retained their 17-pdr gun, but the 75mm Shermans and Rams had their gun removed and a 0.30" MG installed. Noteworthy is that not only the turrets, but also the tank hulls were used in the construction of these tank-pillboxes. Contrary to other pillboxes which use tank turrets, these pillboxes are not turrets on a concrete bunker, but actually turrets on stripped hulls set in concrete 30 to 60 cm thick.

From 1951 onwards various types of Shermans were received from the US through MDAP, about 250 in total:

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M4A1(76)W HVSS
30126810, formerly USA 30126810, was one of forty M4A1(76)W HVSS Shermans in use with the Koninklijke Landmacht.

Sherman-related AFVs included:


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