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This pages treats a host of subjects which get too little attention in books, magazines and other web pages. At the moment the subjects are chosen rather randomly. They are listed alphabetically below: 
  • British designations for US Medium Tanks and related AFVs

  • The British named the US-built tanks after famous generals from the US civil war. 
  • Canadian Indestructible Roller Device (CIRD)

  • The Sherman Crab was the most successful mine clearing Sherman variant. But there was another. 
  • Foundry Symbols and Trademarks

  • The foundry marks that appear on Sherman parts have long been a mystery to enthusiasts as they generally bore no relation to the final manufacturer of the tank. Kurt Laughlin has unearthed very interesting information at a casting trade group, the Steel Founder's Society of America. This article identifies the foundries responsible for many of the parts on the Sherman from their symbols or company name.
  • Kangaroos

  • During WW-2 several medium tanks were converted into APCs, of which the Canadian Ram Kangaroo is the best known. But it is hardly known that after WW-2 the originators of the turretless tank continued this practise. 
  • Retrofitting of 76mm guns

  • To upgrade their firepower, a number of Shermans originally built with 75mm guns were retrofitted with the 76mm gun as found on the ultimate generation Sherman tanks. 
  • Serial numbers

  • Vehicle serial numbers and Ordnance registration numbers assigned to Sherman medium tanks are quite an unknown field. In these notes on the serial numbers you will find the location of the numbers on the various types of vehicles and a table listing the known serial numbers. 
  • Sherman's 1945 prices

  • Ever wondered what a Sherman cost back in 1945. In today's prices half a million US dollars is about right.
  • Sherman Firefly snippets

  • Some interesting material about Sherman Fireflies in Italy.
  • Shermans in North Africa notes

  • Wartime notes about the Sherman radial and diesel-engined Shermans in North Africa.
  • "Shermans into ploughshares"
  • Sherman riddles

  • This site will also address many of the questions left surrounding the Sherman. Every now and then a photo or similar comes up which raises some questions. 
  • "The Comb"

  • A small serrated strip of steel found on many Shermans and other AFVs. Nobody is sure of its intended use and this has proven to be the most persistent riddle for many years. Although someone has finally come up with a picture which seemed to put an end to the discussion, the riddle is still not solved completely.
  • Track types

  • One of these subjects are the track types used on Sherman tanks and related AFVs. Since many of the sources available are contradicting, I have made an overview of the correct designations.
  • US Army references

  • A listing of Technical Manuals and Supply Catalogs for all Sherman types and related AFVs. 

Contributions and suggestions for future subjects

As there is no need to cover well known subjects twice, my preference is for the unknown or less well covered subjects. For this I need your input. Please let me know which subjects you would like to see covered and send in any interesting material. 
Before you e-mail me any large attachments, please contact me by e-mail. If you have anything you want to send in by regular mail, e-mail me and I will send you my regular mail address. 
Thanks in advance!