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Women’s Organizations, Associations, and Clubs

c. 1803  Hannah Kinney’s Records of the Newark Female Charitable Society, 1803-1804.

c. 1846   Martha Washington Salem Union No. 6., Daughters of Temperance, a portion of the charter of an early women's temperance union, 1846.

1846   Martha Washington Salem Union No. 6., Daughters of Temperance, a portion of the charter of an early women's temperance union, 1846. 

1867   The Founding Convention of New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association. A newspaper account of the proceedings, 1867.

1903   Newark Female Charitable Society, 1903.

c. 1910s   Florence Peshine Eagleton, (1870-1953), the first woman to serve as a trustee of Rutgers University.

1912   Logo of the Women's Political Union of New Jersey, 1912.

1915   Suffragist Mina C. Van Winkle, 1915.

1917   Suffragists working to raise money for Liberty Bonds, photograph, 1917. 

1918   NJ State Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, War-time Address to the 3rd annual convention, 1918.

1920   New Jersey League of Women Voters, minutes of first meeting, 1920.  

1920  "On the Way to the Nightshift," 1920.

1920  "Day Rest after Night in the Mill," 1920.

c. 1925   Douglass College Students, c. 1925.  

1925   "How New Jersey Laws Discriminate Against Women"  flyer published by the National Woman's Party, 1925. 

1926   Strikers' Children's Kitchen, Passaic, 1926. Photograph of children outside a relief kitchen during the Passaic woolen strike.  

1927   Florence Spearing Randolph (1866-1951). The front page of the New Jersey State Federation News, the newspaper of the NJ State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, with photograph of Randolph, the founder, and a history of early years of the organization, 1927. 

1929  Watchtower, Palisades Interstate Park  Several years of lobbying and study by the New Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs led to the preservation of the Palisades from commercial development and to the creation of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission by New Jersey and New York.

1932   New Jersey Organization of Teachers of Colored Children.

1938  Memorial Honoring Patriotic... This memorial “honoring the patriotic dead of many wars, . . . especially a noble woman Hannah White Arnett” was erected in 1938 in the cemetery of the First Presbyterian Church, Elizabeth, New Jersey, by the Boudinot Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

1939  Typescript, "Review of Achievements of the NJ League of Women Voters, 1923 - 1939," 1939.

1945   Rachel K. McDowell's National Federation of Press Women, Inc. membership card, 1945.

1963   Press Release from Representative Florence Dwyer's Office detailing fight for Federal Equal Pay Legislation,1963. 

c. 1970s   Helen S. Meyner (1928-1997), Congresswoman from Phillipsburg, meeting constituents, 1970s. 

1970   "Women’s March for Equality," August 26, 1970, a photograph of marchers at the Garden State Plaza, Paramus.  

1972   Ann Rosensweig Klein (1923-1986), ran as a gubernatorial candidate in the Democratic primary in 1972.

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