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The League of Women Voters of New Jersey, 1939
Courtesy, New Jersey Historical Society

 "Review of Achievements of the NJ League of Women Voters, 1923-1939"
Susanna Zwemer Manuscript Collection


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Achievements, Page 1


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Achievements, Page 2


After the ratification in 1920 of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving women the vote, affiliates of the National American Woman Suffrage Association founded the non-partisan League of Women Voters. In New Jersey, the NJ Woman Suffrage Association became the League of Women Voters of New Jersey . This organization set up citizenship schools to women throughout the state, encouraged women’s participation in the voting process, lobbied for women’s interests at the state level, and endorsed a variety of policies for good government.

Today, the LWV of NJ has a state-wide membership that includes both women and men.

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