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1760  Runaway Wives  As a British colony, New Jersey was subject to English Common Law and its women, especially married women, were subject to the limitation of rights familiar to women in England.

1797   Women at the Polls in New Jersey; a newspaper engraving from 1880 picturing women voting in 1797. 

1797   "To Be Sold," newspaper advertisement for a slave woman, 1797. 

1858   Lucy Stone's Protest of Taxation Without Representation. Her letter to the tax assessor, signaling her refusal to pay property  taxes, 1858.  

1867   The Founding Convention of New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association. A newspaper account of the proceedings, 1867. 

1869   The Paterson Daily Press reports on the New Jersey Senate, March 24,1869. According to the report the New Jersey Senate mocks the suffrage petition sent by the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association. 

1869   Strawberry Fields, Burlington County, 1869, a Harper's Weekly newspaper illustration. 

1878   Cranberry Bog, Ocean County  Pickers at Work; a newspaper illustration from Harper's Weekly, November 10, 1878.

1885   Morris Canal Workers, 1885, an illustration from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper

1892    "Bessie" Holmes Moore (1875-1959), a photograph from an 1892 issue of Harper's Young People Magazine.

1903   Pillar of Fire, November 25, 1914. Cover of church publication picturing a group of women missionaries.

1913   Bill Haywood Remembers the Paterson Silk Strike. Haywood comments on women's role in the strike, 1913.  

1920   Pioneer Suffragist Casts G. O. P. Ballot. Newspaper coverage of Antoinette Brown Blackwell's visit to the polls, 1920. 

1923   Newspaper article by Beatrice Winser, director of Newark Public Library, 1923.

1923   The New Jersey Republican, April 1923, a cover photo of Juliet Clannon Cushing (1845-1934) being congratulated for the passage of the night work bill. 

1927   Florence Spearing Randolph (1866-1951). The front page of the New Jersey State Federation News, the newspaper of the NJ State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, with photograph of Randolph, the founder, and a history of early years of the organization, 1927. 

1941   100 Famous Jersey Women, news article about the World Center for Women’s Archives, 1941.

1945   Rachel K. McDowell's National Federation of Press Women, Inc. membership card, 1945.

1952   Mary Roebling (1905-1994), a reprint of the article "Banker in High Heels" from the Greater Philadelphia Magazine, July 1952. 

1963   Press Release from Representative Florence Dwyer's Office detailing fight for Federal Equal Pay Legislation, 1963.  

1972   New Directions for Women, 1972. This is the front page of the second issue, published in the Fall of 1972.

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