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Higher Education

c. 1890   Evelyn College, c. 1890, a photograph of students. 

1903   College of St. Elizabeth, 1903, a photograph of the first graduating class. 

c. 1910s   Mother Mary Xavier Mehegan (1825-1915), Roman Catholic religious, educator, and founder of the Sisters of Charity of New Jersey. 

c. 1910s   Florence Peshine Eagleton, (1870-1953), the first woman to serve as a trustee of Rutgers University.  

c. 1925   Douglass College Students, c. 1925. 

1928   Lillian Ford Feickert (1877-1945), president of the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association, 1912-1920. 

c. 1930s   Marion Thompson Wright (1902-1962), an African American historian and teacher.  

1937   Dorothy Cross (1906-1974), an expert on the Delaware Indians and Jersey archeology. Photographed here in 1937. 

1968   Science students at Felician College, 1968. 

1972   Male and Female Students at Rutgers College, 1972.  

1975   "Equity in Educational Programs," 1975. The text of the regulations published by the New Jersey Department of Education to implement equal education requirements.  

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