"The Strange Tragedy of the Morro Castle" - The passanger liner, the Morro Castle, burned off the New Jersey Coast in 1934 resulting in the deaths of 86 people. Here is her story.


"The One-Armed Devil - General Philip Kearny" - The true story of New Jersey most famous general - his life, his legend and his untimely death.

"Halloween Tales 2001" - In honor of our favorite holiday, New Jersey History's Mysteries is proud to present six Halloween stories with a historical twist. Have fun!

"The Old Jail on New Street" - The Story of the Abandoned Old Essex County Jail in Newark along with a fascinating photographic tour of the facility today.

"Robert Elliot Burns - The Man Who Broke a Thousand Chains" - The story of the famous fugitive who twice escaped from chain gangs in Georgia, only to find himself imprisoned in New Jersey.

"Joe Mulliner - The Robin Hood of the Pine Barrens" - The tale of the infamous Tory outlaw of South Jersey during the Revolutionary War, Joe Mulliner. Flamboyant and dashing, his life was short, but his legend lives on.

"Halloween Stories 2000" - In honor of our favorite holiday, New Jersey History's Mysteries is proud to present five Halloween stories with a historical twist. Have fun!

"The Matawan Man-Eater" - The story of the incredible 1916 shark attacks in the small and winding Matawan Creek. The film "Jaws" was reportedly based on this attack.

"The Iron Grave" - The story of the life of the eccentric genius and founder of Smithtown in Burlington County, New Jersey, and strange aftermath of his death.

"The Death of a President" - The story of the life of President James A. Garfield, and his unfortunate death in Long Branch, New Jersey

"The Case of the Purloined Manor" - The tongue-in-cheek tale of a search for a missing plaque in Jersey City, which turned into a scearch for a missing manor.

"The East Orange Bathtub Mystery" - The story of the unexplained death of a young and beautiful woman in the early 1900's, and the spectacular trial that followed.

"Mary Cecilia Rogers and the Legend of Sybil's Cave" - The tale of the violent death of a young New York woman off the shore of Hoboken near the legendary Sybil's Cave. Her death served as the basis for Edgar Allen Poe's story, "The Mystery of Marie Roget".

"Captain Kidd on the Raritan Bay" - The legendary Captain's life, and his last voyage in the waters of New Jersey before his arrest.

"The Dying Dutchman" - The assasination of the gangster Dutch Schultz in Newark, New Jersey.



The Morro Castle
Sabotage in New Jersey
The Mexican Lindbergh
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