This site is dedicated to all the little known and mostly forgotten people, places and events that make New Jersey the interesting state that it is. Pirates, politicians, murderers and heroes have all made their way through New Jersey's history, and the stories and photographs posted here document their journeys. Also, this site features those places and events that were once famous, feared or revered in New Jersey history, but that few today remember. We feature a new story each month, and strive to answer any and all questions about New Jersey history. If you have a question, click on "Questions About New Jersey History." If you want to contact us about anything else, click on "Comments & E-Mail." Don't forget to check out our new "Search" feature below.

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Our Latest Story:

"The Strange Tragedy of the Morro Castle"

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"Captain Kidd on the Raritan Bay"

Upcoming stories include, "The True Story of the Burr-Hamilton Duel" and "The Mexican Lindbergh". Approximately each month a new "Feature Story" will be posted, along with other interesting articles, photos and images. If you have story suggestions, please click the appropriate button to the left, or below, and contact us.

This month's Featured Question About New Jersey History is:

Was Trenton New Jersey's only Capital?

 We hope to answer any and all question you may have about New Jersey history. If you have any questions you want answered, click on the appropriate button to the left, or below, and we will do our best to find the answer. Interesting questions will be published each month.

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