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Was Trenton NJ's only capital? If not what other city was? Thank you.


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Where in NJ can you walk across land, not water, to Delaware?

Do you have any information on the haunted Jake Brown Road in Old Bridge?

Have you ever heard of the Devil's Den in Waretown?

I am looking for info about bricks individually stamped "S & F Co." Do you have any info on this company?

I have heard that the Woodbine Developmental Center used to be a college of some sort. Do you know what it was, and what happened to it?

I am moving into a co-op in Matawan that I believe was once a school. Do you have any info?

Can you tell me about Jonathan Dayton?

What is the historical significance of Red Bank Battlefield?

Can you tell me how Sea Isle City came into being?

There is a road in Middletown, New Jersey called Whipporwill Valley road, with murders, witch burnings, etc., associated with it. Know anything?

Can you tell me about the "Devil's Tower" in Alpine? What is the true story?

I am searching for some information on a hospital in Wyckoff called the Christian Sanitarium. Do you know where it was located and if it still exists?

Can you tell me what the "New Jersey Plan" was?

How many counties were there in New Jersey in 1800 and what were there names?

What were the large 20' high concrete blocks by my house in Mystic Island?

Who is Fort Lee named after?

What is the story of Gethsmane Cemetery in Bergen County?

What is New Jersey Day and why do we celebrate it on April 17th.?

What are the names of players from the Negro Leagues in New Jesey who were elected to the Hall of Fame?

What is the history of Bayonne, and how did it acquire its name?

Who was King Nummy?

I was visiting a hospital in Paterson, New Jersey and noticed a small castle on a nearby mountain.....

Can you give me some background on the Jersey Devil.......


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