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Native American Battles

French Indian War

1755- The French and Indian War
This site is dedicated to the French soldiers who came to fight in the
French and Indian War. Along with a detailed look at the war, there is also a list of French soldiers who fought.

1st Regiment of Foote, the Royal Regiment
A brief history of the 1st/Royal Regiment, who fought in the French & Indian War.

Fort at No. 4, The
The history of Fort No.4 is discussed at this site, which includes
information about the French and Indian War, as well as details regarding King George's War.

Fort Necessity National Battlefield
Details regarding the background of the conflict at Fort Necessity, which was the first battle of the French and Indian War, including a background about the conflict, building the fort, Virginia regiment rosters, a chronology, and other information.

French And Indian War
The article is brief, but it has good information on the causes leading up
to the war and its affect on world history.

French and Indian War
Contains a detailed look at the French and Indian War. It has a breakdown of French and British troops and forts, and lists the major battles by year.

French and Indian War Magazine Online
A starting point for information regarding the French and Indian War, with organized links and lists of re-enactment units, historic forts, and other related details.

Rgiment de La Sarre, 2nd Battalion
Each page features photos of a re-enactment group which takes you through
the history of this French regiment. You'll find pictures and good
descriptions of the regiment's uniforms.

Plains Indian War

7th Cavalry Regiment - Early History
The early history of the 7th Cavalry Regiment, which includes details of
General Custer and the encounters and battles with the Plains Indians.

Bear Butte-Black Hills (South Dakota, USA)
A chronology about this area, with details regarding the first conflict
between the US government and the Plains Indians in 1854, Red Cloud's War (1866-1868), the Battle of Little Big Horn, and the Battle of Wounded Knee, as well as other information.

Court Martial of George Armstrong Custer, The
Information regarding the court martial of Custer in 1867 during the Indian Wars, including details of the charges, findings, and members of the court.

Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association
Read the history of the Battle of Little Big Horn, then test your knowledge
with the online quiz provided. Biographical details about Custer, Frederick
Benteen, Marcus Reno, and Sitting Bull, plus a list of books that are
available for purchase are also included.

Frederick W. Benteen
This site contains biographical information about Benteen, with details
about his career and his intense hatred of General Custer.

General George A. Custer Home Page
Lots of interesting information on General Custer and the Battle of Little
Big Horn. Some details include a brief biographical sketch of his life,
myths about the battle, his true rank, survivors of the battle, and some

Kansas Forts Network
Learn the histories of eight major forts in Kansas, such as Forts
Leavenworth, Hays, and Dodge, and view a map showing their locations.
Details about the battles and the conflicts that occurred during the Indian
Wars, plus some information on soldiers' lives during those days.

Timeline of Events Relevant to the Northern Plains Tribes
Battles, treaties, and other events that had relevance to the Plains Indians
are included in this timeline. Details on the Sioux Uprising (or Santee
War), Red Cloud's War, the Battle of Little Big Horn, Massacre at Wounded Knee, and several others, plus information about the people involved.

Indian Wars

The Battle of Washita - The Indian Battle of Washita was a result of a direct and unwavering encroachment on the Indians rights, but several other factors were involved.

Buffalo Soldiers and Chief Victorio - Chief Victorio is considered one of the fiercest of the Apaches.

Buffalo Soldiers and Indian Wars - This site provides a variety of educational multimedia experiences for the visitor. Explore the Internet links on its pages to find facts, quotations, images, sound clips and video files.

Crazy Horse - Biography of Crazy Horse by Ohiyesa (Dr. Charles Alexander Eastman).

Department of Dakota - Numerous campaigns have taken place against the Indian tribes inhabiting the States and Territories of the Department. This site includes highlights of the military operations undertaken since the Civil War.

Old RL's Stories - True accounts of "brushes" or "scraps" between the settlers in central Kansas and the Indian tribes. Facts are in narrative form of an old man (Reginald Lawrence) telling stories to a young boy.

Overland-Oregon Trail Outposts - Links to sites along the Overland Trail and the Oregon Trail. The trail ran through the heart of the Indian hunting grounds and its establishment was the beginning of hostilities in many locations.

People in the West - An interactive biographical dictionary that provides concise profiles about the lives of these historical figures, together with some comment on their significance for historians.

Plains Indians - Brief narrative from the National Park Service about Plains Indians circa 1860-1880 in Wyoming. Links to related information.

The Seminole Wars - The Seminoles of Florida fiercely resisted the United States government and army in efforts of removal from their land.

Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts - Information and photos of these scouts.

Volunteer Militia of the Black Hawk War - History of militia of the Black Hawk War. Includes images, articles, links, and discussions.

Wyoming Museums - Listing of links to 60 museums in Wyoming, most of which have ties to the Indian wars of the 1860's - 1870's.

The Battle of Little Bighorn - The Battle of Little Bighorn was by far one of the most tragic examples of human violence in history.

The Battle of the Little Bighorn - Description of the events leading up to and the events of the battle.

Eyewitness Account of Little Bighorn - Indian eyewitness account of this famous battle between Plains Indians and the U.S. Army.

Lakota Accounts of the Battle of the Little Big Horn - "I saw a cloud of dust rise beyond a ridge of bluffs in the east and a warrior riding swiftly, shouting that the soldiers were only a few miles away and the women, children and old men should run.

Lakota Noon At Greasy Grass - Lakota commentary about the Battle at Little Big Horn.

Painting of Battle of Little big horn - A spirited tradition of painting thrived among the Lakota long before contact with Europeans. For the individual, the representational paintings on buffalo hides recorded heroic deeds and battles. For the group, they documented conquest, ritual and celebration.