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Dodona: Pathways to Ancient Myth. Short graphical tour with a site plan and photos, created by Classics student Joe Stubenrauch. The enclosing site, Pathways to Ancient Myth , also has a much larger tour of Delphi.

Plato and his dialogues: Dodona. Good short and hyperlinked introduction from Bernard Suzanne's Plato project.

Perseus Project: Dodona. Introduction, with photo links.

Other descriptions

Greek Ministry of Culture: Dodona.

Encyclopedia Mythica: Dodona by Ron Leadbetter.

The Talking Prow says "Save Dodona!" Apparently the site is threatened by highway construction.

Travelogues travelogue on Dodona. Evoces the site nicely.


Pictures of Dodona (unknown photographer)

The Winds of Dodona: Zeus — The Greek Jupiter by Jackie Slevin. Meditations on Zeus and astrology puts Zeus on the couch (eg., "He unconsciously assumed all of this 'luck' to be his birthright.")

"Kallistos" imagines the scene when Dodona's oak was cut down.


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