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Greek Ministry of Culture: Delphi. Official info.


Lengthy, detailed and well-informed travelogue by David Sheppard, author of Tragedy's Workshop: A Celebration of Ancient and Modern Greece. The travelogue, "Oedipus on a Pale Horse," is not your usual grab-bag and memory aid, but a carefully composed, well written, intensely personal narrative. I found myself skipping the travel—which is also well done, and unusually knowledgeable on classical matters–to get to the flashbacks. For a travelogue, that's quite an accomplishment!

Matt's Greece Travel Guide, a combination travlogue and guide, with a spiritual slant on Delphi.

"If people actually did communicate with the God at this sacred spot is it likely that the spirit went away or died? Did it get bored and pack up its holy baggage and move on to some other new sacred site like Sedona, Arizona, or whither away like fruit on a tree that goes unpicked? Or is it more likely that the God still goes on speaking and we mortals have lost our ability or desire to listen. … Maybe all it takes is an open mind and heart to hear a voice that for centuries distributed wisdom to mankind."

Fodor "Travel Stories": The Oracle at Delphi by Laurie King. This piece is fascinating to me in a weird way: it is an authentic oral history of Delphi. Just as Herodotus generally received his information from oral sources, not written ones, King's description comes entirely from the mouths of modern Greek travel guides. As any Classicist knows, Greek and Turkish travel guides are a laboratory of bad information, entertainingly told. So, for example, Herodotus' account of Croesus war against Cyrus becomes "Two brothers each had large kingdoms, separated by a river."

Traveling Classroom: Delphi, Center of the World. Travelogue with questions for students at the end.

Travelogue from

"Memories of a Pilgrimage to Delphi, Greece" by Stephen R. Lankton (mostly images), of Lankton and Associates.


3-D Virtual Reality panoramas of Delphi , with a multiplicity of vantage-points ("nodes") to chose from. Courtesy's Metis project. . This is wonderful. It's half-way to being able to run through Didyma in Unreal.

Delphi images by K. Andrus, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, from his Greek Art and Architecture.

Shane Solow's photographs of Delphi. Solow's Herodotus Project presents a wealth of stunning black and white photographs of Herodotus' world.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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