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The Princeton encyclopedia of classical sites on Delphi (via the Perseus Project). Text by G. Roux.

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, edited by Richard Stillwell.

Powerpoint presentation on Didyma by Prof. David Gill (University of Wales Swansea), from his course Sacred Spaces: Sanctuaries of the Greek World.

Brief text from the scholarly Text by Jona Lendering; photos (including excellent ones of mason's marks) by Marco Prins. The second page has some nice sculptural details.

Other descriptions

The Temple of Apollo at Didyma . Reliable information with an architectural slant (includes a site plan), from James Grout's Encyclopedia Romana, an eclectic florilegium of articles on Rome and the Roman world (see the site map or the index[1]for an idea of the contents).

Suda: Branchidae. (trans. Joseph McAlhany). Entry sympathetic to Alexander's destruction.

Bible places presents some attractive photos, decent text and a good list of links to mostly tourism-related websites.

Places of Peace and Power. Nice picture.

Wikipedia: Didyma. A "stub" or minimal entry; soon modern "pagans" will take this over and fill it with nonsense about the Mother Goddess.


Travelogue with good photographs by Fritz and Marie Schneider.


3-D Virtual Reality panoramas of Didyma, with six vantage points, from's Metis project. . This is wonderful. It's half-way to being able to run through Didyma in Unreal.

Shane Solow's photographs of Didyma. Solow's Herodotus Project presents a wealth of stunning black and white photographs of Herodotus' world.

Photos of Didyma, fifty-three in number.

Shunya's Didyma pictures.

Dick Osseman's photos of Didyma. Exceptional.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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