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Perseus Project: Delphi. High quality information, with a strong archaeological bent. Page includes links to site plans and photographs.

Index of references to Delphi in Pausanias (via the Perseus Project), from Janice Siegel's course Religious Foundations of Greek Institutions. Dr. Siegel publishes Dr. J's Illustrated Guide to the Classical World, an excellent resource.

Oracular responses

Amazon. 100 Prophecies of the Delphic Oracle by Myron Stagman. Self-published. Is it a translation of Fontenrose?

Stagman's site includes an excerpt. Stagman's other books includes "Socrates, the Martyred Messiah." (!)

Amazon. Oxford Readings in Greek Religion by Robert Parker.

Outline and notes on Chapter 4, "Greek States and Greek Oracles" by University of Arkansas student Micah Gould. Summaries of the other chapters were commissioned by Daniel B. Levine for his course Women in Ancient Greek Religion.

Google Answers: Collections of oracular responses. No final answer, but the issue is batted about a bit.


Chaldaean Sibyl (Trans. J. Benedict). Very lengthy, covering other sibyls.

Sibyl (Trans. J. Benedict).

Daphidas of Telmessos (Daphidas). Greek grammarian who mocked the oracle of Delphi and got his come-upance. See also other references to the Pythia from the Suda.

Delphic Sibyl (Trans. J. Benedict).

Colophonian Sibyl (Trans. J. Benedict).

Phrygian Sibyl (Trans. J. Benedict).

Cumaean Sibyl and Thesprotian Sibyl (Trans. J. Benedict).

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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