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Delphi: Pathways to Ancient Myth. Excellent tour of the site, with academically-grounded but accessible text, a site plan and numerous photos. Introduction covers the history of the site and narrates some of the more famous consultations. Subsequent sections visit areas of the site much as a tour guide would.Pathways to Ancient Myth was developed by Calvin College student Joe Stubenrauch. It also includes a smaller but equally good Tour of Dodona.

Detailed, hyperlinked and synthetic account of Delphi in myth, including a helpful run-down of famous mythical consultations, from Carlos Paradas' estimable Greek Mythology link.

Brief blurb on Delphi from PBS's The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization. The Google winner, unjustly.

Encyclopedia Mythica: Dephi by Ron Ledbetter. See also the shorter Oracles by George Hager. We cannot know that "as far as the third millennium BCE ... the 'earth mother' was worshipped here."

"The last advice from the Oracle of Delphi" by Michael Lahanas. Grab-bag of interesting sources and explanatory material.


Morgana's page on the Oracle of Delphi, with an Earth-goddess focus:

"More than a few researchers and archaeologists share the theory that this story correlates to the destruction of a peaceful, goddess-worshipping culture by that of warlike people from the north who worshipped a male god."
This sort of myth-as-history approach is held in low esteem by contemporary historians, as is the notion of a dominant mother goddess cult destroyed by Greek invaders.

Wikipedia: Delphi. Better than many of the other oracle entries (eg., Delphic oracle), it still has a dollop of the usual mix of 19c conjecture and modern "pagan" disinformation. The French entry is much better, no doubt because the site has always been under the care of French archaeologists.

"Psychic Investigator" Fact-laden.

eHistory: Oracle of Delphi by Preston Chesser. Swallows the most expansive vapor stories without comment., a "believer" site with a decent popular write-up on the Oracle of Delphi, and a nice picture. Includes nonsense about "alignment lines" stretching from Ireland to Delphi.


Delphi Oracle: The Dream, the Mythology and the Reality, "compiled" by Dee Finney. Personal account of Delphic/astrological dreams, leading to the Bible, astral geometry and—as these things always do—the 9/11 attacks. The author falls asleep while writing about the topic and has even more significant dreams. (See Artemidorus' caution that most dreams are quotidian, and that special concerns apply to the dreams of actual dream interpreters…)


Amazon. The Oracle of Delphi by Elizabeth Rose. A romance novel based on Perseus and Andromeda. Check out the costumes on the cover, or the description:

"He's a man on a mission. She's a princess on the run. The Oracle of Delphi has predicted their meeting but has also foretold of death and destruction in their futures. Perseus, the demi-god son of Zeus, races against time to capture the dangerous prize that will save his mother's life. But when the fiesty Princess Andromeda uses her wits to try to sway his mission, honor and love collide. Shadow of doubts linger and ties will be broken in ... The Oracle of Delphi."
Read an excerpt at her website.

Amazon VHS. Secrets of Delphi, an A&E documentary (2000). Also at A&E.

"Dramatic re-creations bring the oracle to life, and leading historians explain how Delphi grew wealthy through the offerings of those seeking a glimpse at destiny."

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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