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Diving accounts

Big Mouth Encounters from Diver magazine (2000). Memorable dive stories from various authors. Two concern hammerheads, "Hammer between the knees" by Kevin Goodchild and "Surface tension" by Neville Widdrington.

At Cocos Island … Hammerhead Heaven in this Hemisphere? Dive travelogue from Costa Rica. Author unknown.

"Diving Bali: Hammerhead Sharks" by Erwin Kodiat, Bali Diving Club.

Dive operators

Close Encounters with Giants , dive-account, promoting Aquatic Encounters dive-operator in the Galapagos, Papua New Guinea and Thailand.

"So far, this dive has been the most exciting 15 minutes spent underwater in my entire life, and well worth the price of admission."

Hammerhead Heaven, Cabilao Island (Philippines). Michael McFadyen, Devilfish Diving Services, leads dives. Also this.

UnrealDive.com offers diving expeditions in South Africa.

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