Hammerhead Shark!


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Hammerhead Shark Stress Ball Squeezies from WadaYaNeed.com. I like these. Unfortunately, the minimum order is 250.…

Taxidermy hammerheads from Fore and Aft Marine. $1,400!

The Big Zoo has stuffed animals and t-shirts.

2 1/4" hammerhead stuffed animal from toykeeper.com.

Pewter Hammerhead Keychain on OtterBay Gifts.

Hammerhead shark mobile from ScienceStuff.

Tiny, real hammerhead stuffed in cheap plastic case, in bright blue liquid. Guaranteed to make you feel cool until you hit 13 and throw it out.

Hammerhead cartilage as an herbal supplement . Does it stop cancer? No, it doesn't. Quacks.

Aquarium info

Maui Ocean Center: Hammerhead Harbor press release describes this new exhibit a "50,000-gallon exhibit, custom-built to accommodate juvenile scalloped hammerhead sharks."

Music, yes music

"Hammerhead Shark" lyrics by David Lee Roth.

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