Hammerhead Shark!

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General info

"Hammerhead: the other great white shark" by Simon Rogerson, BBC Wildlife (October 2003).

"I was trying to put such thoughts from my mind as the hammerhead circled me, making ever-closer passes as caution gave way to curiosity."

Hammerhead Sharks by Hawaiian Charlie Maxwell. Hammerhead text, with info on sharks in native Hawaiian religious thought.

"Early Hawaiians highly revered sharks as both spiritually important and necessary for the health of the ocean. … Also, many families, or ohana, considered the mano to be their 'aumakua, or sacred guardian, which would protect the members of the ohana."
Maxwell has a article on sharks as 'aumakua.

San Diego Natural History Museum, specifically on the Smooth Hammerhead.

Misunderstood Monsters. Shannon Davis' hammerhead page, with shark links. Page available in Spanish.

Hammerhead Sharks from John Liddiard Underwater. Three good photos.

Pocket info

Simple blurb from SharkSurvivor.com, the website of Dawn Schauman, mauled by a shark—probably not a hammerhead—while pregnant. Check out her Shark Survivor Tips.

Basic info with some good photos at the bottom, from ManEatingSharks.com.

Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia.

Sharks.com datasheet (middling) with a good photo.

LibraryThing: Catalog your books online.

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