Hammerhead Shark!


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About 40 small, short clips of hammerhead sharks. Pay to license larger versions.

Scalloped hammerheads schooling at Cocos Island, in three formats. (It's the first item in the list.)

Juvenile hammerhead biting an electrode from the Hawaii Institute Of Marine Biology (3.7 MB)

Fact sheet from Monterey Bay Aquarium with a Scalloped hammerhead feeding clip.


"What's with the Hammer's Head?" interview with Dr. Stephen Kajiura on Bob McDonald's CBC RadioOne "Quirks and Quarks" (September 21, 2002). Kajiura investigated electroreceptive and hydrodynamic explanations. He found hammerheads had "orientation" toward simulated prey from a greater distance, and increased turning stability. Here's the containing page.

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