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Caesar, Antony and Octavian

Sources | Julius Caesar | Marc Antony | Octavian / Augustus | The Battle of Actium


Octavian/Augustus: Select Testimonia translated by John Porter, from his University of Saskatchewan course Octavian and Antony: The Rise of Augustus.

Selections from Augustus' Res Gestae translated by Lewis Styles and annotated by John Porter, from Porter's University of Saskatchewan course Octavian and Antony: The Rise of Augustus.

Useful section-by-section summary of Suetonius' Life of Augustus from John Paul Adams'

Nicolaus of Damascus, fragments of his Life of Augustus, translated by Clayton M. Hall (1923)

Thayer Translation of Suetonius on LacusCurtius, also at History in Film.

Life of Antony from Bill Thayer's Lacus Curtius.

Julius Caesar

Biography of Julius Caesar by Jona Lendering.

Julius Caesar: An Annotated Guide to Online Resources and a similar guide to Caesar Augustus, from David Wilson-Okamura's Both guides include a good section of primary sources.

Marc Antony

Many images of Marc Antony, culled from various places.

Octavian / Augustus

11th Edition Encyclopedia Britannica: Augustus from Bill Thayer's Lacus Curtius.

Excellent biography of Augustus by David Potter, fron his Sibyl Encyclopedia of Roman imperial biographies, which extends from Augustus all the way to Decius (249 - 251 AD). Most such lists stop earlier.

Catholic Encyclopedia: Augustus. Good, scholarly article by Patrick J. Healy, from the 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia.

Images of Augustus an excellent review of the sources from Miriam Pittenger's course The Roman Achievement, which has an excellent Roman History Timeline (Universtiy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

The Battle of Actium

The Actium Project, an underwater archaeology project aimed at surveying the site of the battle of Actium, the battle that sealed Antony and Cleopatra's fate. Conducted by the University of South Florida. They found catapult balls!

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